Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the MLB Trading Deadline

At least Shane's bobble head day isn't in 3 weeks
10) The Phillies were so devastated to lose Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino, they curb-stomped Stephen Strasburg in an 8-0 road win

9) The Los Angeles Angels of Rancho Cucumonga traded for Zach Greinke, then announced that they were going to sign him with the money they'll save after Vernon Wells is killed in a suspicious accident

8) The Yankees' chose not to shore up their failing and injury-prone pitching, because Joba Chamberlain is close to coming back to be fresh, failing and injury-prone

7) Now that the Dodgers have Victorino and Hanley Ramirez, they are sure to win in the 2009 World Series

6) Pittsburgh stretched the definition of "trading for an All Star" by adding Gaby Sanchez

5) Texas picked up Ryan Dempster, because trading for the last name pitcher with big career numbers in the NL Central has worked out so well for them

4) Now that Justin Upton knows he's going to stay the rest of the year in Arizona, he can relax and work on finishing the year with the same whimper he's played it in

3) Philly Fan is entirely OK with the outfielder moves, because now he'll have 2 full months of telling Dom Brown he's a bum, rather than the couple of weeks they were expecting

2) Neither Oakland nor Baltimore made any moves of consequence, because neither team has any idea of what to do when they find themselves in blue snow pennant races

1) In case you are looking for individual team winners and losers, just follow the age-old rule and assume the Cubs lost

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