Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the new ESPN deal with MLB

10) Playoff baseball returns to the Lemur, which will give them another platform to talk about Tim Tebow

9) Sunday Night Baseball will return, which will give them another platform to talk about Tim Tebow

8) The annual rights fee will double to two times an ungodly amount of money, which is nearly important enough to think about not talking about Tim Tebow

7) "Baseball Tonight" coverage will expand, which will give them more time to talk about Tim Tebow

6) The network will continue its exclusive access to the Home Run Derby, which is nearly as pointless as its continued conversations about Tim Tebow

5) They own full access to the Opening, Memorial, Fourth of July and Labor Day holidays, which will now be known as The Four High Holy Days Of Talking About Tim Tebow

4) Up to 10 spring training games will be shown each season, which are really going to tax the ability of the coverage teams to discuss Tim Tebow

3) ESPN will air six one-hour specials created by MLB in each year of the agreement, which promise to be the only 100% Tebow Free broadcasts of the year

2) Skip Bayless thinks those MLB broadcasts are totally without merit, for some reason

1) If you honestly believe this negotiation for MLB was about anything other than which network was going to sign the biggest check, you probably believe in things that are more improbable than Tim Tebow's Hall of Fame chances

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