Saturday, August 18, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from NFL Preseason Week 2

10) It really doesn't matter if Kevin Kolb is scared or not, since the sucking seems to be a much bigger issue

9) The Steelers activated Rashard Mendenhall from the PUP list just to make your fantasy football RB rankings even more impossible

8) Tennessee is deciding between Jake Locker and Matt Hasselbeck, which is to say, they are choosing between young and inaccurate and old and noodle-armed

7) That little Giant Fan who sent Brandon Jacobs money to not sign with the Niners is learning a valuable lesson about the fungible nature of running backs

6) If Christian Ponder is shredding the Bills in preseason, you can feel pretty good about Tom Brady's chances to do the same

5) Brandon Weeden looked better in his second game against the Packers, which is important, since 28-year-old rookies really can't take too long with their learning curve

4) Kirk Cousins brought the Redskins back from 20 down in the fourth quarter against Chicago, just to test to see if DC sports talk radio is dumb enough to fall for the QB Controversy bait

3) Sam Bradford looked good against the Chiefs, which ensured that he will be drafted in some NFL fantasy leagues after all, even outside of the greater St. Louis area

2) Terrell Owens , Braylon Edwards and Golden Tate combined for 0 catches and 0 yards, so we can safely say that competition is really pushing each man to his full performance capability

1) There is no truth to the rumor that BBC America has picked up the feed on Jets' preseason games, and substitute "Yakity Sax" for the game audio during Tim Tebow's plays

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