Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the Olympic badminton scandal

The Chinese women's doubles team threw their match to South Korea to get a better draw later. Here's all you need to know...

10) Spectators jeered both teams for trying to lose on purpose to get a better draw, then endured jeering from the players for not watching a better sport

9) John McEnroe was irate watching this, which is to say, John McEnroe was awake

8) The video footage was even more embarrassing than normal for badminton

7) The outcome really infuriated the saddest gamblers on the planet

6) To be fair, if you had to wear these outfits, you'd probably want to disgrace your sport and nation, too

5) The last time this little effort was made in chasing a shuttlecock, Katie Holmes lost her faith

4) Spectators demanded their money back, only to remember that no one has ever actually paid money to watch badminton

3) Depending on your point of view, this is the best or worst thing to ever happen to the, um, sport

2) The ref chastised both teams, but to be fair, it's not like the players haven't heard that sort of thing for years

1) It's probably not a good sign that, to the untrained eye, it's pretty hard to tell the teams were throwing the game, or that they were women

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