Sunday, August 5, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the Saints-Cardinals Hall of Fame Game

10) The replacement refs did exactly as well as expected, which is to say, they actually messed up the coin toss

 9) Kevin Kolb's first pass was picked and he later got hurt, which is to say, he's in mid-season form

8) Drew Brees had an incomplete, which we can safely blame on his holdout

7) If you'd like to get really, really drunk, just take a shot during every Saints' game where the word "suspension" is said

6) By sacking and injuring Kolb, Sedrick Ellis became the latest Saint to be suspended by Roger Goodell

5) Now that he's scored a touchdown, Alfonso Smith becomes the latest RB tha twill crush fantasy owners while playing for Arizona

4) If NBC were televising this game, I'd have to post spoiler alerts before the start of the column

3) This just in: Darren Sproles is still really fast

2) Stewart Bradley actually did some freaky dance, just to prove that the NFL is ready for one of its players to come out

 1) Despite the fact that this is the first game that most of you who read the blog will care anything about, I still wrote and filed this before the end of the first half, because it's freaking preseason

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