Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Terrell Owens' comeback

10) Whether he's wearing Jim Zorn's old number or his IQ is really up for debate

9) The Seattle defensive backs are said to be enthused about squaring off in him in practice, since he was in their video games as very, very young kids

8) Between him and Braylon Edwards, Seattle's cornered the market on dropsy geezers

7) Matt Flynn is already practicing the best posture to accept when you are pushed under a bus

6) In news that might actually matter to winning games, Sidney Rice still isn't healthy, Marshawn Lynch is, and they still play in the worst division in the NFL

5) If you are wondering if there's anything good to him making the team, consider the extra child support payment or two that might shake out from this

4) TO says he's different from the guy who made disruptions with previous teams, which is true, since that guy could also make plays

3) If you are keeping track at home, this makes the 666th New Beginning for him

2) Just in case you were forgetting, Paul Allen owns this team and Pete Carroll coaches them, so we're not exactly talking the rocket scientists of the NFL signing up for this carnival

1) This might make Golden Tate try, or care, or at least stop robbing doughnut stores while in uniform

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