Sunday, September 23, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 3 Ad Questions

BJ Raji Will Dance For You
10) If I use E*Trade, will my baby be molested by some speed-dating toddler?

9) How did Scotts hire Grounds Keeper Willie when he's, well, a cartoon?

8) When Appke's Steve Jobs died, did he take all of the good commercial ideas to the grave with him?

7) Was anyone else creeped out by the tribute to Steve Sabol?

6) Does B.J. Raji carry around a monstrous '80s boom box with him everywhere he goes?

5) If I use UPS to aid my small business, will I become ridiculously self-involved?

4) Does using a Droid turn your hand into a screen, and if so, isn't there all kinds of background radiation issues?

3) Can you have a thriller / horror movie now without a woman being dragged face-down from under a bed?

2) Can the little girl on the Visa ad ask Ray Lewis how to get away with murder?

1) Doesn't the Domino's CEO have something better to do than drive around with his pimply stoner delivery personnel?

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