Sunday, September 23, 2012

Eagles - Cardinals Takeaways

We've Seen This Before
> Shockingly, Andy Reid came out with three passes despite the makeshift offensive line, and the fact that everyone who has watched the last 14 years of Eagles football knew this was coming

> Anyone who thought that Larry Fitzgerald wasn't going to do well in this game hasn't watched him play the Eagles before

> Thanks to watching this game, I now know that Brian Billick mows his own lawn

> On Michael Floyd's first career touchdown, the Eagles had multiple opportunities for a pick, and the fact that they didn't get it more or less ended the game

> On the first play of the second quarter, the Eagles took a timeout, which might be a new low in wasted timeouts in the Reid Era

> On a simple matter of a hold during a sack, the scab refs took five minutes to spot the ball. No, seriously

> The next instance of Vick having pocket awareness of the rush in 2012 might be the first

> DeSean Jackson lobbied for DPI for several seconds while the play was still going on, which is always, unm, fun

> If you only watched this game, you'd have a hard time imagining why Kolb has struggled in Arizona, or was only starting this game due to injury

> At some point, it's OK to wonder what Nnamdi Asomugha has to do to get benched or cut

> The Eagles actually walked off the field on a 3rd and 20 play, because they didn't know the down; sadly, they came back on the field after that

> You can count on the Eagle defense celebrating sacks no matter what the game situation

> Maybe a wide variety of screen passes isn't the best option for a team with a makeshift offensive line

> If you are looking for a comment about the wisdom of going for a touchdown with 6 seconds left in the half, down 17-0, then giving up the sack, fumble and touchdown... well, I'm sorry, but I have no words that come anywhere close to describing that level of utter and complete incompetence

> I watched the whole game, but I'm not sure why anyone else did

> It was nice to see the defense come back to 2011's form of missed tackling

> As an Eagles fan, I no longer get excited by first downs or drives, since they end in turnovers much more than points

> You have to be impressed how, while down 24 with 24 minutes to play, the offense was still more than willing to huddle up

> As Alex Henery's fantasy owner, I appreciated the multiple third quarter field goals that didn't really make the comeback manageable

> DeMecco Ryans stopping the third and one with 14 minutes left made for slightly less garbage time

> Just in case you thought Reid had learned something in his 14 years about clock management, the second half more or less cured that notion

> Jon Dorenbos limped off with 10:26 left, which means we might need a new long snapper / magician soon

> On 3rd and 17 with 8:20 left, I called "This will be a shotgun draw to run the clock" five seconds before the ball was snapped -- and Castillo's defense still gave up 20+ yards and the first down on it, because Juan Castillo has no business being in the same zip code as an NFL team, let alone a coaching position

> Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie took a 15-yard penalty because he didn't like being blocked

> There were a sizable number of Eagles fans in the stadium, which couldn't have been a very happy purchase for them

> For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Cardinals, they don't actually run the ball well, or score a lot of points

> Kevin Kolb is now 2-0 against his old team

> For some reason that no one can fathom, the Eagles called timeouts while down 18 with 4 minutes left

> If you are looking for bright spots, the Eagles outgained the Cardinals, had more first downs and fewer penalties, and all of that does not matter at all

> The fact that Reid called four straight pass plays with minimal protection with three minutes left tells you that perhaps the coach does want to see Nick Foles

> If the Giants' defensive players don't look at this tape with an excessive amount of saliva, that speaks well to their team discipline

> Somehow, my laundry is still tied for first in their division with 12 turnovers in 3 games, and if they aren't a 7.5 point home underdog to the Giants next week on SNF, Vegas is just giving away money

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