Sunday, September 16, 2012

Eagles - Ravens Takeaways

> Anyone who was surprised by the Eagles coming out throwing the ball all over the yard, or Michael Vick throwing a red zone INT, hasn't really paid attention to the last 2 and 14 years of Eagle Football

> Trent Cole's strip-sack of Joe Flacco was as pretty of a play as a DE can make

> It might be nice to have a QB who can take a fairly ordinary shot to the ribs without needing a timeout to recover, or exceptional media concern

> If you were surprised to see LeSean McCoy get the fourth and one carry from the 7, rather than some reserve with tricksy, you are not alone

> I was shocked, shocked, to see a game with the Ravens get chippy

> If you are new to NFL football, the referee is supposed to call out the number of a player who has commited a personal foul

> How Bernard Pollard has been on multiple teams, I'll never know -- dude is just useful and nasty

> Brent Celek hurdled Ed Reed like he was a pro wrestler coming off the ropes

> It was nice of our old friend Sean Considine trip to give his old team 40 yards of field position by tripping over his own

> On the plus side for the Eagles, when you commit turnovers in the red zone, it limits the other team's field position

> How you can call a timeout before having 12 men in the huddle is a feat of quantum physics and string theory that is only known to scab refs

> Nnamdi Asomugha was torched on the Ravens' second touchdown without safety help, but, um, he's supposed to be a guy who doesn't need safety help

> What LeSean McCoy did to Jimmy Smith with about five minutes left to go in the second quarter isn't legal in 12 states

> If you need an offense to move the ball between the 20s and then turn it over, the Eagles might be the best team in NFL history

> An underrated part of Vick's game is his tackling ability, but to be fair, he's getting a lot of reps

> It only takes five minutes for scab refs to place the ball properly after a turnover

> When the Eagles send the ineffective delayed relay race blitz, and Joe Flacco counters by throwing out of bounds against no pressure, you know you are watching two exceptionally coached teams

> Challenging the spot of the football is a time-honored Andy Reid tradition of blowing a timeout

> I'd really like to thank the Ravens for keeping Ray Rice from getting too many touches in this game

> The 50-yard bomb to DeSean Jackson at the end of the third quarter is, in microcosm, why Eagle Fan marks out for DJ no matter what else he does

> Long figgies against my laundry always, always, always work

> If you like pointless delays around marking the line of scrimmage, Scab Refs are just gold

> Kurt Coleman seems to have somehow become the most disliked man on the Eagles, or at least, the guy you try to get a highlight moment out of

> The initial fumble ruling with 2 minutes left redefined terrible officiating in our time

> Kudos to the patchwork Eagle offensive line today, in all seriousness

> How the Ravens aren't expecting QB draws late in the game is another indictment of the idea of Jim Harbaugh Is An Elite Coach

> The pass rush, which should have been fresh from the dominant time of possession, disappointed on the Ravens final drive

> This game is why reasonable people have never considered Joe Flacco to be an Elite Quarterback

> Rice's first 10 carries got 95 yards, and his last 6 got 4

> Independent of anything else, the Eagle defense had a second straight week in which they shook off multiple turnovers and sealed the win

> If you can figure out how a team can turn the ball over 9 times in 2 games and be 2-0, please explain it to the rest of us

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