Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ray Rice Has Limited Powers Of Invisibility

This is a small point, but it needs to be made, in that it gets made in just about every NFL telecast, and has been made since John Madden fell in manlove with David Meggett.

This is Ray Rice. He is, according to the roster, 5 feet and 8 inches tall, and 212 pounds.

The average NFL is 5 feet and 11 inches tall, and 215 pounds.

This means that Ray Rice is, by the numbers, a little less than 5% shorter than the average NFL running back, and 1.5% lighter.

He is, as far as we can know, human in nature. Therefore he has no Romulan cloaking device, or Gallifryean ability to travel in time and shift outside of the temporal plane.

Claiming, as Cris Collingsworth did in the SNF telecast, that part of the problem in stopping Rice is that he just disappears behind the massive Ravens' offensive line... is just plain silly.

Any defensive player that can not see the running back, or doesn't have an idea of where he is at the start of every offensive play, is a defensive player that will not make the NFL.

And if I am somehow wrong in this, or if there really is some edge in camouflage...

Why doesn't it work in every game?

So, please. For the sake of the few remaining brain cells that I have after watching the 2012 Eagles...

Can we please, please, pretty please stop this utter stupidity?

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