Monday, September 10, 2012

Top 10 Eagles - Browns Takeaways

Brotherhood of the Idiot Coaching Pants
10) At some point this year, Browns QB Brandon Weeden will lose his starting job to QB Colt McCoy, and Browns Fan will know, once more, that their long nightmare of terrible QB play will never end

9) My crush on Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks is showing absolutely no signs of abating

8) Browns coach Pat Shurmur might be Andy Reid's equal in terms of having no good idea of when to go for two or challenge a play call

7) PK Alex Henery picked a really bad time to break his FG streak

6) The Browns have now dropped eight straight home openers, and refused the gift of this game as well

5) The only people who think QB Mike Vick was OK today must have had him in their fantasy leagues

4) 60 of the Browns 210 yards came on two plays, and 25 of those were on a pointless end of half scramble that was better than allowing a Hail Mary pass

3) If this is the new standard of tackling, I'm not going to be quite so ill watching this team, at least in comparison to 2011

2) KR Josh Cribbs is pretty great, but when a special teams player is your #1 jersey seller, you really need new talent evaluation personnel

1) This game took nearly four hours to complete thanks to awful officiating, injuries, and the need for it to feel like anesthesia-free surgery for Eagle Fans

And the bonus, unlisted takeaway....

Cleveland Fan is very, very disappointed that they didn't get a chance to react to a final moment for Art Modell

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