Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 4 Ad Questions

Let's Make A Dirty Deal
10) When you touch a Chevy car salesman with your hand coated in mud, does it make his hand more or less slimy?

9) If Domino's does not use frozen dough, why do they have so much of it at hand?

8) Will technology allow us all to avoid our children's elementary school musical performances?

7) Isn't there any safeguards in place to stop homophobic illiterate cows from operating window-washing equipment?

6) What recreational drugs are required to make Internet Explorer as exciting as it seems in their ad?

5) Has anyone told Sir Patrick Stewart that the Star Trek residual money isn't going to stop coming, and he really doesn't need to do car rental voiceover work?

4) Given that the Apple people on line are tools, and the Samsung people interacting with them are smug pieces of crap, does this make Blackberry the winner by default?

3) If you actually are a Packers fan, why would you want Greg Jennings on your lap when you are not at the game?

2) Has Troy Polamalu gotten hurt while playing the piano yet?

1) How does driving a Cadillac way too quickly on a ridiculously dangerous road sell cars?

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