Sunday, September 30, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 4 Takeaways

One of only two unbeaten QBs
10) The Bills took a big lead on the Patriots, just to show that they could still give up 52 points and get blown out anyway

9) Greg Zuerlein is the Rams' kicker, he connected from 58 and 60 yards, and honestly, it might be time to start taking the air out of the kicking balls

8) You can not stop Dwayne Bowe from providing fantasy goodness in a blowout

7) In games with real refs, when Russell Wilson throws a last-minute interception, it's not ruled as a touchdown in a Seahawks comeback win

6) Santonio Holmes blew out a knee without contact, fumbled, and gave up a touchdown... and it might not have been the worst play of the day for the Jets

5) The Falcons remained undefeated with a 76-yard drive from their own 1 with no timeouts and 60 seconds left to set up the game-winning field goal... after forcing a punt on a third down carry by Cam Newton where he had the first down, but forced a fumble to make him lose the yardage... and no, I'm not making any of that up

4) The Vikings did not score a touchdown on offense while beating the Lions, 20-13, because the Lion kickers could not avoid Percy Harvin

3) I'm not sure what the Packers did to the fake and real refs, but man alive, it must have been really, really bad

2) Peyton Manning has your weak arm issue right here, but he's still two behind Kevin Kolb in the win column, along with the number of fourth quarter comebacks in 2012

1) By going 1 for 4, but hitting the game winner, Billy Cundiff "won" the game for Washington, and was allowed on the plane back from Tampa

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