Monday, September 17, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week Two Takeaways

10) The Patriots were the best team in the AFC until an injury to their second-best TE

9) Tony Romo now has all-new unhappy memories from going to Seattle

8) The Niners are clearly the best team in the NFL in September, which means they have no chance of winning the Super Bowl

7) Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and Ryan Tannehill all got their first wins today, which makes them just as good as Robert Griffin III

6) The fact that Billy Cundiff's tying field goal attempt would not have been good from anywhere doesn't mean that Josh Morgan is any less of an idiot than previously imagined

5) Trent Richardson, Andrew Hawkins and Reggie Bush all made the play of the day

4) Good and Bad Eli Manning both showed up for the Giants today, but the only thing anyone seems to care about is how he took a hit on a kneel down

3) The Eagles are alone in first place in the NFC East with a 2-0 record, 9 turnovers, two 1-point wins, two last-minute game-winning drives, and a half-dozen offensive starters hurt

2) San Diego and Houston are undefeated and looking like the class of their divisions, but since they don't have big media markets or a lot of big fantasy football star power, no one cares

1) If the scab refs keep doing these jobs long enough, we're going to see full-scale team brawls by mid-season, which is to say, we're going to see bigger ratings


snd_dsgnr said...

What bothered me about what went down on the kneel play wasn't that Eli got knocked down, but that several Buc defensive linemen dove at the knees of the Giants offensive line when they weren't expecting it because 31 out of 32 teams don't use Rutgers as the basis for their playcalling.

The focus on Eli getting knocked down is ridiculous, it's the fact that Baas and Snee ended up with helmets around their knees that has me pissed off.

Oh, and just for the record, when Eli kneeled to end the first half with the Bucs up 14 they didn't pull that little stunt. So much for going for all 60 minutes then.

DMtShooter said...

The plain and simple fact is that the Bucs are a toxic organization. Shocking for a Florida outfit...

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