Monday, September 24, 2012

Top 10 Packers - Seahawks Takeaways

Someone Please Just Kill Him
10) It looks like the Seahawks are going to win this Bruce Irvin bet

9) Shockingly, a running game with Cedric Benson has failed to be electric

8) If you know someone who went all-in for Aaron Rodgers or Greg Jennings in his fantasy draft, please make sure the gas line to their oven isn't connected

7) In case you haven't been informed of this previously, Russell Wilson Is Shorter Than Other NFL Quarterbacks

6) By going with the running game and the no-huddle in the third quarter, Green Bay was able to move away from the Drop Back And Get Sacked play that wasn't working so good for them

5) At some point, it really doesn't matter that much who the Seattle QB is if you are only going to throw 10 passes in 3 quarters

4) Seattle Fan is good at making noise, but there were far too many people with cheese on their heads to call this a really big home-field advantage

3) If you didn't watch any Packers 2011 football, you'd have no idea this was a team with a deep passing game

2) Golden Tate is the hero for the Seahawks for the most blatant OPI call ever, and then not catching a touchdown

1) If this game does not get you to stop watching the NFL until the scab refs are gone, I don't know what will

1 comment:

The Truth said...

I took Rodgers AND Greg Jennings. Start pumping the gas now....

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