Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Andy Reid is considering benching Michael Vick

That's One Angry Mustache
10) Has started to get the idea that turnovers are bad

9) Vick just isn't getting hurt fast enough on his own

8) As soon as he benches Vick, he can avoid all of those running plays where the QB runs past the line of scrimmage

7) If Nick Foles can show any sign of promise, this will be the way that Reid can survive another 8-8 year

6) The sooner he benches Vick, the faster he can get to Trent "Captain Checkdown" Edwards and prove that he's a True QB Genius

5) Game-winning drives don't matter that much when it's your actions that require the game to be won in the last minute in the first place

4) Has a super-secret partial ownership in WIP, so any press conference that spurs ratings is money for donuts

3) Given that his team turns the ball over once a quarter, you have to think that anyone on the offense can be benched

2) Didn't like the way Vick refused to step up in the pocket on those ridiculous Get Killed Auto Passing Plays when down 18 with 2 minutes left

1) Was told by the NFL to give them something to distract from the upcoming MNF debacle

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