Monday, September 3, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Rex Ryan can't imagine being fired

What, Me Fired?
10) Has been talking to Tim Tebow's Jebus

9) Going from back to back AFC championship games to missing the playoffs is always good for job security

8) Understands that the franchise cares more about the tabloid back pages than wins

7) Feels that since he's lost weight, they have to keep him

6) As his offensive play-calling shows, really doesn't have much of an imagination

5) Confident that a team with two number one picks at the QB position will be fine, despite the fact that neither QB is, well, accurate

4) Grew up in a household where Dad never got fired despite prowess as a defensive coach

3) Thinks that picking a captain is basically a coin flip as to whether the guy will go south on you, so the odds are in his favor this year

2) Doesn't understand that when Bart Scott talks, no one is really listening

1) Didn't watch the team during the pre-season

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