Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Bears - Packers

10) Packer Fan is really starting to understand the special joy that is James Jones in your laundry

9) This game gave Dolphin Fan all kinds of special warm feelings about the Brandon Marshall trade

8) In another half dozen games or so, the Packers might realize how getting yards from Cedric Benson isn't translating to getting points from their offense

7) Jermichael Finley's fantasy owners must be thrilled to learn that Tom Crabtree was the best Packer TE to own last night

6) If you started Jay Cutler on the road in Green Bay, given his history there, you kind of deserved what you got

5) In the time it took to read this, Clay Matthews got another sack

4) The ref in this game needs an improv class for his mic skills, and a fresh set of Depends

3) Perhaps Cutler mouthing off about the Packer defense wasn't the best idea

2) This was a fine night to not have any offensive players, especially not Matt Forte

1) You might have heard that these teams don't like each other, which is a real shame, in that it just breaks their mother's hearts

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