Thursday, September 20, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Giants - Panthers

Martellus Bennett Is Your TD Bitch
10) Maybe Cam Newton isn't ready to play a night game after all

9) It only took about three minutes for me to realize that betting the Panthers was a terrible mistake

8) There really is no surer bet than the NFL Network game will stink to high heaven

7) For everyone who had Ramses Barden as a sleeper pick in 2008, this game was pure vindication

6) The people who went all-in for Martellus Bennett and Andre Brown are looking like geniuses, rather than desperate players

5) Down 20 with 47 seconds and three timeouts, Carolina sat on the ball to end the first half, just to make sure their fans knew that the effort shown by the players was going to be equaled by the coaches

4) I hesitate to call the second half of this game garbage time, only because it denotes far too much importance to the second quarter

3) Regardless of his production for the night, you have to love how Panthers WR Steve Smith will fight any defensive player regardless of size

2) If you want to just call Jason Pierre-Paul the best DE in the NFL, it's not like there's really much of an argument any more

1) Doug Wilson is well on his way to being the all-new DJ Ware

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snd_dsgnr said...

What's the rule on erasing your past statements about your team's players? Because I may have complained after the 2010 draft that the Giants wasted a 1st round pick on a position they already had adequately covered. Oops.

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