Thursday, September 27, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the NFL ending the referee lockout

The Last Scab Play Ever
10) It will take at least five, maybe ten minutes for fans to start booing the regular guys

9) Ed Hochuli can more or less name his price for commercial endorsements

8) Sadly, even the Browns-Bengals game on Thursday night will get the real refs

7) The Green Bay Packers will take your thanks for being the sacrificial lamb that got this settled

6) Golden Tate's feelings have been hurt so,so much over being insulted for something that, well, every NFL WR would do

5) Now that we have real refs, the league is sure to lose ratings, at least according to free market morons

4) The countdown to one of the scabs selling a tell-all book begins now, and everyone can now slag the scabs without pretending to feel bad about it

3) 110 highly skilled part-time workers in America will have a pension, which is just so offensive to so many people, somehow

2) You have the green light to continue to lose money on NFL bets while only being angry at yourself or individual teams, rather than the entire league infrastructure

1) If you'd like to remember this entire sad episode as when Roger Goodell jumped the shark, Saints Fan would beg to differ on the timing


CMJDad said...

"3) 110 highly skilled part-time workers in America will have a pension, which is just so offensive to so many people, somehow"

Indeed it is offensive, but much less offensive than the thousands (or 10s of thousands) of municipal and state politicians, along with the municipal attorneys, that are also part-time employees who receive pensions. Pensions that we pay for, like it or not. If I don't wan't to contribute to the NFL refs pensions, I don't watch a game, I don't buy the swag.

DMtShooter said...

So when are you leaving for Somalia? Unique to, I think, every other form of government on the planet, no pensions. Or taxes, or restrictions on personal liberties of any kind. I think you'd do well as a warlord. :)

CMJDad said...

You're missing my point. You are offended by part-time employees collecting a pension. So am I, but the NFL is a private enterprise, producing a product that creates wealth. The public employees I mention create nothing, they simply divert wealth. This isn't a libertarian issue (please note the small "l"), but rather an issue about part-time employees receiving life-long benefits that you nor I can ever again expect.

DMtShooter said...

Actually, I don't care whether the refs have pensions or not, and I'm even in favor of it. If pensions become more common, more employers will offer them as a competitive advantage, and maybe you and I have a better chance of getting one.

Public employees create civilization and the continuing existence of a free market, but that's something you and I will never agree on, so. Moving on.

The NFL does not create wealth; it transfers it from very many people to very few people in an exchange for services. And it does so in a significantly corrupt way, since non-sports viewers pay about $100 a year for channels they do not use, but that's another matter.

CMJDad said...

I have to agree with you on the last part, except the do create entertainment. But so do public employees!

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