Friday, September 28, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Browns - Ravens

In Baltimore, God Is Always Crying
10) Trent Richardson has some skills and all, but this is probably another year in which PK Phil Dawson is the Browns' best offensive player

9) Shockingly, Ray Lewis obliged the media's request to have his likeness on video, and his voice on audio

8) From the relative lack of WR puling and after the whistle shoving, this actually resembled an NFL game, and probably made many jackholes miss the scabs

7) Torrey Smith caught another touchdown despite a relative lack of profound grief, and Greg Little continued to create more of it

6) Baltimore bloodied up Browns QB Brandon Weeden, which is to say, Weeden played in the game

5) Only the NFL Network could describe a 9-7 game in the rain before a fairly quiet crowd as "good", but then again, after three weeks of scab refs, a half completed in 90 minutes is freaking bliss

4) Watching Ray Rice get stuffed at the goal line, then having Joe Flacco cuckold his touchdown, was all kinds of good times for those of us who don't own Rice in fantasy

3) No one's ever really going to know this, and it will have no impact on anything, but the Browns' defense really isn't that bad

2) Weeden showed us all his TaINT at the end of the third quarter, which should have let everyone who wasn't sweating the spread get out of the rain and off to bed early... but

1) The Beavis God seriously considered having the Browns tie it with a controversial Hail Mary at the buzzer, but Weeden couldn't hit the end zone from 20 yards away -- no, seriously

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