Thursday, September 6, 2012

Top Ten Signs That Bobby Valentine Has Lost His Ever Loving Mind

And The Deathwatch Begins... Now
10) Honestly thinks that anyone involved in this mess gives a fig about his integrity, or assumes that anyone who ever drew a paycheck from ESPN had it in the first place

9) Said that his first season in Boston has been miserable, as if he's going to get a second

8) Is threatening sports radio talk shows hosts with physical violence, as if he were young enough to deliver it, or like anyone else involved with the 2012 Red Sox, he could hit with men on base

7) Has started noting his start times to his work day, but without a machine-stamped time card or a temp postcard signed by his supervisor

6) Wants to talk about drawing the line after throwing any number of players under the bus this year

5) Says he's only had two days off this season, not counting the Oakland series

4) Admits, in an unguarded moment, that he's actually a Yankee plant

3) Wants to compare his time at the office with Joe Maddon, since the only thing you need to do to be a good baseball manager is to imitate Joe Maddon

2) Doesn't regret returning to the dugout despite the 63-74 record, bloated salary, total talent fire sale and utter loss of the town and clubhouse

1) Would actually choose to manage the Sox next season, and said this with the tone of a man who actually thinks he has a chance in hell of doing that

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