Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Top Ten Takeaways From Giants - Cowboys

10) The Giants are already defending their crown in their time- honored tradition

9) We should have known better than to bet against Tony Romo in September

8) That avalanche noise was your fantasy football league scrambling for Kevin Ogletree

7) Victor Cruz's hands contract with Satan clearly had a one-year expiration

6) DeMarco Murray dominated with his physicality, which means he's going to be hurt by late October

5) If 2 catches for 10 yards and a holding penalty that added unnecessary drama on the close was all he could do with a bad spleen, Jason Witten really could have taken the night off

4) Martellus Bennett had his revenge touchdown in a loss, which is to say, Martellus Bennett more or less lived up to his potential

3) Both punters averaged over 50 yards a kick, which was about the only interesting thing that happened in the first half

2) Your David Wilson handcuff idea really isn't going to work out unless your league counts return yardage, doesn't penalize fumbles and gives bonuses for sideline tears

1) This DeMarcus Ware guy, someone really ought to block him

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