Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eagles - Falcons Takeaways

Nine More Games Of This
> Coach For Life Andy Reid won the toss and deferred, because you wouldn't want your offense to get the ball first when the weather is going to get progressively worse

> DT Fletcher Cox dropped a relatively easy pick in the first minute, because, well, this defense does not get takeaways

> LB Mychal Kendricks missed a meeting and hence, the start, so Reid decided to punish the team by sitting him out for the first series

> For a defensive line that is supposed to come at the opponent in waves, these waves don't seem very, well, scary

> The Todd Bowles Era certainly started with a whimper, with an 80-yard drive for the opening touchdown

> If you need an offense that goes three and out after the opposition scores, this is the team for you

> The Falcons looked about as anxious on third down as if this was a preseason game

> It was nice of Kendricks to commit the DPI in the red zone to make sure that both player and management looked bad

> Eagle Fan had plenty of time to get home before the storm

> Clearly, Juan Castillo was a genius

> If you need a QB to sprint out, don't challenge the defense, and nearly get picked, Mike Vick's your man

> The Eagles have 7 points in the first quarter this year -- in all games

> RB Bryce Brown nearly won Red Zone Turnover Bingo this week with a ball juggle

> Atlanta so dominated the ball in the first quarter that Reid wasn't able to get his first wasted timeout in until the second

> RB LeSean McCoy scored after a stiff arm on Falcons CB Asante Samuel, shocking everyone who knows of Samuel's tackling prowess

> One of these weeks, perhaps CB Nnamdi Asomugha can stop being referred to as a good corner, particularly when he gets beat for a score every game

> You have to admire how well the Eagles waste timeouts even when the offense isn't on the field very much

> This game more or less ended on the failed third down conversion with 3 minutes left in the half

> Once again, this defense was supposed to be able to rush the passer with their speed, so when they don't show any evidence of that speed, they just, you know, suck

> When you watch a defense that doesn't sniff the QB even on a blitz, you know you are watching something special

> Kendricks missed on a possible pick, because... the defense does not make those kind of plays, either

> Fittingly, when Ryan finally did get pressure, they still gave up yardage

> Not that I've lost faith with the organization, but it's a little telling that the special teams also suck

> Watching DeSean Jackson toast Samuel was kind of fun, I guess

> It would really be nice if Vick didn't put the ball on the ground on just about every run, regardless of whether he's hit by the ground or the defense

> For a team with no pass rush, the Eagles sure got burned for a lot on screen passes in this game

> The first "Fire Andy" chants were heard with 9 minutes left in the third quarter, but for the most part, these weren't as powerful as you might expect, mostly because no one in town really cares that much any more

> The first sack in 160 pass attempts happened with 7 minutes left in the third quarter, so, um, whoopie

> Falcons LB Steven Nicholas dropped a clear TAInt

> Reid wasted a timeout with his patented spot the ball challenge, then punted down 17 with 20 minutes left with a sieve defense, just to make sure that everyone got home early and safe

> It's nice that DPI calls against the Eagles amuse the refs so much

> The Jacquizz Rodgers run was that classic defense gives up moment that we used to blame Castillo for, and prompted the loudest Fire Andy chants

> DeSean Jackson left early, which seemed like a good idea

> Vick seemed fixated on drawing the Falcons offisdes, which is good, I guess

> Vick's fourth down conversion to TE Brent Celek was big, in that it ensured more fantasy numbers for some people

> I'm ready to declare Jeremy Maclin a bust, if for no other reason than his terribly confused pre-snap body language

> McCoy converted a third and one on a play where he made a half dozen guys miss; with luck, he'll still be a viable back in several years, when this team has a new coach and an actual chance to win

> This team is unmatched in its ability to run off every second of clock when down by a lot

> McCoy's second touchdown of the day showed that he's still all kinds of special, which also makes him unique on this team

> RB Michael Turner fumbled late, but this defense does not make big plays late or early

> Ryan gave DT Cullen Jenkins a mercy sack with 4:30 left, just to prove to you that I did, in fact, watch this whole mess

> LB Casey Matthews blocked a punt, which meant that the Eagles were able to waste better field position

> Since Vick and the Eagles didn't have a turnover, and the defense played its best ball in the fourth quarter, I guess this game represents Progress

> Falcon Fan is getting tired of hearing how his team hasn't beaten anyone good, but, well, they still haven't

> At least we don't have to hear about Reid's perfect record after the bye any more

> I'd pay serious money to have the discipline and flexibility to no longer watch this Eagles team

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