Sunday, October 14, 2012

Eagles - Lions Takeaways

Don't Get Me Wrong - These Teams Suck
> Cliff Avril's take down of DeSean Jackson more or less ended the first drive, and ensured that what was sup- posed to be an explosive offense, rather than the league's worst, started with (yet) another three and out

> The Lions finally found a team that could make their special teams look good, at least for one play

> Lions K Jason Hanson runs a really long way to kick the ball that short

> At some point, we all just need to accept that the Eagles are 31st in scoring offense because, well, they are not very good

> Only Eagles QB Michael Vick can make a free play bad by taking an uncalled late hit

> The bad old 2011 tackling form is starting to creep back in to this defense, mostly because if you played defense for this offense, you'd lose the will to live, too

> Honestly, the Eagles used to have a pass rush, in 2012 and everything

> Lions WR Nate Burleson got a DPI call for giving up against a jam

> Detroit really should have led by a lot more early, but they are just too damned stupid for that

> It was nice to see something new from the Eagle offense -- turnovers based on center snap problems

> Eagle Fan has started to accept that this is a bad team, to the point where they aren't even all that into the booing

> CB Nnamdi Asomugha's pick was a terrible decision and overthrow by QB Matthew Stafford

> You have to admire the play-calling that goes for a third and one shovel pass when your team is turnover-prone and giving up huge defensive line penetration

> If you had 8:28 left in the second quarter in the pool for first wasted offensive time out in this week's pool, your wildly conservative estimate really paid off

> Vick's INT to S Louis Delmas was a terrible overthrow to WR Jason Avant, who was as open as he ever gets

> If you enjoy procedure penalties, this was so the game for you

> At one point in the first half, I took the dog out, and really just wanted to stay there, rather than continue to waste my time with either of these teams

> The stepdown from PR Janarris Jackson to PR Marty Gilyard is kind of striking

> The interior line domination by the Lions in this game reminded me of the Arizona game, and reinforces the idea that the Eagles are, without C Jason Kelcie and RT Jason peters, absolute pretenders

> The Eagles' idea of a hurry-up offense is one where you do the same thing as in a huddle-up play, only with the same time and more confusion

> Television analysts care much more about Vick's health than Eagle Fan

> The go-ahead score at the end of the first half made the half feel a lot like an entire 2012 game in microcosm

> Jackson's first punt return of 2012 showed us why he does not do that any more

> McCoy killed the clock by not getting out of bounds, then not letting the ball drop, on consecutive screens at the end of the first half

> Having another timeout in the pocket might have been, you know, helpful for that final first half drive, or the overall final score

> It says something about the season that on third and goal, my immediate thought is "Don't turn it over"

> 2011 Dropsy Brent Celek made a reappearance, which wasn't, you know, good

> The spread running game mostly consists of having the RB hit five yards in the backfield, then hoping that they make four guys miss

> Vick's ability to extend drives with his legs takes the will out of a defense... in 2010, but in 2012, they just keep coming, since the turnover is still on the way

> Johnson seems to think that he deserves bail-out penalty calls when defensive players hit each other

> When McCoy went down, and possibly ended the Eagles' season, Tony Siragusa decided instead to go on at length about nothing of any real consequence

> How an offense that is this bad can make plays like the fly route to Jackson for 30 is beyond me, and anyone else who chooses to hurt themselves by rooting for this team

> Lions HC Jim Schwartz showed that he can make inexplicable challenges with the best of them

> The OPI call on Celek to negate his touchdown was something that every TE does on nearly every play at the goal line

> Even when it works, I hate empty backfield on third and one

> K Alex Henery's connection from 49 to give the team a 10-point lead was helpful, but the team's inability to score touchdowns in the red zone is a pretty routine (and big) problem

> If you were surprised by the Lions immediately coming to life on offense against a rested defense, you haven't really watched the Eagles this year

> Johnson's OPI on Asomugha was so blatant as to be comical

> Honestly, Detroit doesn't seem that hard to scheme for, since every ball in the air is going to Johnson

> Stafford's bootleg run for the score couldn't have been an easier play call for the Lions than if Eagles DC Juan Castillo had sent them the formation pre-snap

> Vick's third turnover of the day was an inexcusable miss down the field, but as soon as we get to 30 of those, every Eagle Fan gets a free sandwich (warning: sandwich contains feces)

> Fox cares a lot about pigeons

> Losing Fletcher Cox to a PAT pile punch was kind of important, in that he's their best interior lineman against the run

> Allen was also out during the fourth quarter with a hamstring problem, which showed us why Colt Anderson only plays on special teams

> The idea that you could be in a road game with this many penalties, and fail to score after three turnovers, is kind of astounding for Detroit

> The defensive breakdown on the  70-yard slant to Maclin was absurd

> I'd take the defense to task for the immediate answer touchdown for the Lions, but when you expect these things to happen, they are much easier to take

> Giving credit to Ndamakung Suh for batting a ball down in front of his eyes seems to be a bit much

> Really, Philadelphia should just cut to the chase and start every game with 2 minutes left and the defense protecting a tiny lead

> It's nice of Fox to lobby for an anti-Eagles play on any replay challenge

> Detroit was down by 10 with 5:18 left, on the road, against a defense that was well-rested, and none of that mattered at all

> Clearly, the Eagles need to draft for more field goal kick block specialists, since that play decides every game

> Overtime is a brand new game, which means the Eagles revert to the first quarter Hold The Ball Until Sacked offense

> If you actually thought the defense was going to stop Detroit from the game-winning overtime drive, you probably also believe in pixies, fairies, and that the Reid Era will contain a championship

> More than 60 minutes of Eagles football in a week is a war crime

> If you aren't looking forward to the end of the Reid / Vick Era after this game, I thank you for reading the blog, Mr. Vick and Mr. Reid

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