Thursday, October 18, 2012

The 2012 Yankee Elimination Day Song

Almost an annual tradition! And should definitely be a national holiday.

Faces filled with joy and cheer
What a magical time of year
Howdy ho, it's Yankee Elimination Day

Put your Tiger face paint on
Spread A-Rod's pick-ups on the lawn
Don't you know if's Yankee Elimination Day

Most of the nation's girls and boys
Love that wonderful angry noise
You'll know that sorrow goes away this day, no prob

When Yankee Fan demands everyone in pinstripes loses their job

So come along and have a laugh
Write Derek Jeter's epitaph
Swisher is dead and everyone in Detroit's getting laid
Hip hip hooray, it's Yankee Elimination Day

Big Stein's day is worse in Hell
Pitchforks and laughter with the smell
Is it Satan, who can say?
I hear the angels work as temps this day

So let the Parade of Pain begin
Tabloids delight when pinstripe dreams cave in
It's tradition - that makes it OK
Hey everyone, it's Yankee Elimination
We'll have some fun on Yankee Elimination
Stop watching baseball, it's Yankee Elimination Day

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