Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Is Fixable

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So said Coach For Life Andy Reid in the post-game of the latest desultory Eagles loss, and for once, I agree with him.

(Now, this isn't going to take a long time, because this franchise really does not deserve long any more. At this point, it's becoming increasingly clear that the people who pay to watch this team care more about their performance than the people who work there.)

The fan base isn't going to get rid of Andy Reid, no matter how many times they chant Fire Andy. The fans in the stands do not matter, because they are there. If they weren't, that might be another matter, but this franchise could lose with Reid for another 20 years before the stands would be empty. People around here just like football, and will always delude themselves into thinking the team has a chance.

The team isn't going to get better at selecting players, because they overrate defensive speed over size and tackling ability, to the point where they can only play from ahead. They also aren't going to fix the offensive line problems because when only your starters can play, that goes back to the front office. They also aren't going to move away from the overrated wideouts, the weak special teams, and the play-calling that generally does everything it can to waste LeSean McCoy.

Jeffrey Lurie isn't t going to get rid of Andy Reid, because he could have done that for the last five years. Besides, the stadium is still selling out with people chanting at Reid, so, well, whatever. Being under the cap is more important, and so is putting wind turbines and solar panels on the building. At this point, I'm really not sure that Lurie's even paying attention any more.

The players aren't going to get rid of Andy Reid, because for as long as he's here, they can pretend that they are on a good football team that's just unlucky, rather than a team that's 11-12 over their last 23 games. Besides, he brought them here and provides cover for their lack of production.

Michael Vick leaving for Nick Foles isn't going to fix this, because Foles can't make these WRs show up every week, can't make the coaching staff go to a more even run-pass mix, and can't fix the fact that the defense is based on having great corners when, well, they do not. To be charitable. (And if he does get in, they don't win the Cardinals game or the Falcons game, because both of those games were far beyond the ability of the QB to alter.)

Having Random Position Coach or Coordinator leave, as we've seen this week, also does nothing. Something about deck chairs on the Titanic goes here.

No, there's only one person that can start to turn this franchise around. Reid.

And there's only one way that he can do that: by leaving. Which would set up the justly deserved tear-down this slag heap deserves, and would doom them to several years of irrelevance, but well, they've been irrelevant for years already. I'd like my irrelevance to come with new faces now.

(Would he, ever? I can't really see it. Though if the press just started off every press conference with "Are you quitting?" and then leaving after that single question, rather than stay for the rest of the mumble apology-fest, that would be a start.)

So, Chanting Eagles Fan? Mix in a new one.

Quit, Andy, Quit.

If, for no other reason, to show the ownership just how little you trust them to do a goddamned thing.

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