Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 10 Bears - Cowboys Takeaways

Road Flag = No Home Field
10) While Tony Romo wasn't at fault on all of his picks, when you throw five of them, you more or less lose any ability to play that card

9) So long as the Bear defense is going to score multiple touchdowns, maybe they really don't need that much of an offense after all

8) Felix Jones is living up to his potential as the change of pace back that looks better than the starter, but really, really isn't

7) Robbie Gould makes every kick and kickoff, because he's actually a cyborg

6) Dez Bryant continues to be the root of all evil for Dallas, despite production that fantasy nerds think is OK

5) If Jay Cutler is playing in a MNF game, someone's throwing an ungodly number of picks, no matter what

3) Bears TE Kellen Davis tickled a sure INT into a backbreaking completion in the fourth quarter

2) The Bears called passing plays while up 24 with 5 minutes left to play, because it' really not a football game unless Cutler takes punishment

1) Judging by the number and volume of Bear Fan in Dallas tonight, we can safely assume that the home team no longer has  home-field advantage

... and a bonus

0) Everyone playing against the Bears' defense, or using Jason Witten, in fantasy really appreciates the Kyle Orton garbage time touchdown

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