Sunday, October 28, 2012

Top 10 Giants - Tigers Game 3 Takeaways

Tiger Hitters, Not Looking Spry
10) If you are not a Tiger or Giant fan, and are still watching this series, you are, well, me

9) This game has 2 runs and 12 hits, and since both of them happened in the second inning, so if didn't tune in early, you really didn't need to tune in at all

8) As the Tigers are the first AL team since 1919 to suffer back to back World Series shutouts, we can safely assume that, like the Black Sox, they are on the take

7) Boston Fan made sure to tune in for that 0-3 factoid, which is the only part of any series not involving the Red Sox that they care about

6) This Tim Lincecum is a hell of a lot more useful to the Giants than the guy that's been in his uniform all year

5) Tiger and A's Fan is really wondering why they couldn't have played this collection of heavy-legged losers

4) It's clear from his run support that Anibal Sanchez is really despised by his teammates

3) Even Giants Fan is starting to wonder if there's something not quite right with Brian Wilson

2) Pablo Sandoval got a couple of more hits in this one, so he's probably going to be the MVP

1) Usually baseball ends with a bit of sadness, since there will be no more games that count for six months, but after watching this snoreathon, there's no sadness here

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