Sunday, October 28, 2012

Top 10 Giants - Tigers Game Four Takeaways

Forgot To Paint Tears
10) Miguel Cabrera decided to actually hit a home run in this game, just to remind Tiger Fan what that looked like

9) Buster Posey's home run to the left field foul pole area took away the first and only Tiger lead of the series, and no, I'm not making that up

8) This Matt Cain, who isn't an absolute hammer, hasn't been seen in a while

7) Brandon Belt picked up an RBI triple, just to remind you that he actually exists, and should be drafted by reaching fantasy owners next year

6) The fact that this game went extra innings is further proof, not that you needed it, that God Hates Detroit

5) This really hasn't been the series for HD and/or super slo-mo

4) With his 10th inning base hit to give the Giants their final lead, Marco Scutaro completed his ascension to Full Eckstein

3) I'd like to thank the Tigers for giving us just one inning less than the bare minimum of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver

2) It was nice of the Giants to end the series with Cabrera making the last out on a called third strike, just so Detroit Fan had an extra helping of doomed hope and bitterness

1) Baseball is now gone for six more months, and honestly, not a minute too soon

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