Sunday, October 7, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 5 Ad Questions

And head shrinkage
10) Is believing in things that you don't understand required to prefer Bud Light?

9) Do the guys who make the "If you..." ads for DirecTV need a hug, therapy, or medication?

8) How will Taco Bell replace their Cantina Bowl with something I love, given that all of their food induces crippling bouts of diarrhea?

8) What does a girl in pink leather on a motorcycle have to do with cell phone service?

7) Are the only people who use eBay wildly regrettable?

6) If the day you buy a car is the best day of your life, shouldn't you be put on immediate suicide watch?

5) Shouldn't Chicago have more going for it than to stop everything to pay attention to yet another Derrick Rose injury?

4) Do I have to wave around Burger King food before I give it to an animal?

3) Why is Aaron Rodgers' Man Cave all in Murder Red, when his team's colors are, you know, green and gold?

2) Do Lexus owners frequently bring their cars into their houses so they can dance around them?

1) If I get my insurance through Met Life, will my head grow to freakish proportions and enter a state of perpetually depressed childhood?

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