Sunday, October 21, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 7 Ad Questions

VW Keys Taste Like Bacon
10) Have you ever, in your entire life, ran into people who actually care enough about recording television shows to have spitty little arguments about which show gets recorded?

9) How many men have to die from exposure to the wintry elements before Coors gets a real delivery system?

8) Now that I can get Cinnabons at Burger King, can we reclassify this criminal enterprise from fast food poisoner to mass murder via type 2 diabetes?

7) Is anyone else more than a little thrilled with Samsung's decision to portray iPhone line nerds as complete idiots?

6) Does buying snack food from KFC attract other forms of carrion beyond useless human freeloaders?

5) When Taco Bell talks about taking tacos to a whole new level, does that mean life-ending diarrhea, instead of the mere soul-crushing variety?

4) Are VW keys particularly tasty to dogs, or attractive to Rush fans?

3) Can the little girl on the Visa ad ask Ray Lewis when he'll be moving to Florida, and how long he'll be eating hard food?

2) Is one of the side effects of Cialis that it turns middle-aged women into gawky hyperactives who are devoid of any sense of shame?

1) If I give money to COTA, can they get these poor kids away from all of those loathsome Fox Sports personalities?

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