Sunday, October 28, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 8 Ad Questions

Why does this exist?
10) Do Bank of America users have issues in counting?

9) Did Greg Jennings set up his injury filled year with foolish stunts for Old Spice?

8) Why does State Farm have younger versions of its illiterate fat loser to scream at Aaron Rodgers?

7) Can't you kill yourself stupidly on old roads without driving a new Cadillac?

6) Do Nissan owners routinely collect awful swag from dirty gas stations?

5) Can other Verizon users see the amateur porn video uploaded by the MILF?

4) Does the fact that Pepsi has pad for a Cowboys anthem mean that the 98% of NFL fans who don't root for that team can just drink Coke?

3) If a foot lift gate is a good idea, what about just a voice activated one?

2) Why are Ford truck drivers hauling dirt, and furthermore, why are they so angry about it?

1) If a black man has a substandard smart phone, is he usually abused by strange old white women?

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