Sunday, October 14, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week Six Ad Questions

Don't tell us that she's got a rack
10) If I buy a Ford truck, will I be insufferable in my self-pity about my work load?

9) Are Bank of America users so desperately alone that they hold long conversations with their dogs?

8) Are Visa's NFL contest winners also required to clean up the locker room and do the laundry?

7) Why doesn't the retirement-challenged E*Trade user sell the irritating talking baby's organs for cash?

6) How much could Geico cut my rates if they didn't spend $1 billion a year on these pointless ads?

5) Wouldn't it be easier and more lucrative for Microsoft to just cut us checks to change to Windows 8, rather than go through all of this advertising?

4) If Allstate's Mayhem is a streaker, shouldn't he be out of the suit?

3) Why is Nissan blowing up their old cars?

2) How come the Verizon tuba player kid is such a douche about his dad not being at his recital, when the rest of his freaking family made it?

1) When parents ask their kids to keep secrets from their spouses, is it really something that you want attached to your car company?

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