Saturday, October 6, 2012

Top 10 Orioles - Rangers takeaways

Joe Saunders: Proof That Anyone Can Win
10) This might have been the best start of Joe Saunders' life, and he didn't make it out of the sixth inning

9) Ranger Fan really doesn't have much use for Josh Hamilton right now, and I can't say that they've got the wrong idea

8) It was borderline cruel of Jim Johnson to give Ranger Fan one last hope

7) Seriously, Darren O'Day was just all kinds of filthy

6) Texas ended the year by losing 8 of their last 10 games, which means that this was a far kinder death to their fans than the last two years

5) While you are reading this, the Orioles have turned another double play

4) Manny Machado and Jurickson Profar showed that you don't need to be able to drink legally to have huge hits in an MLB playoff game

3) Pirate and Brave Fan are wondering who this guy is the Nate McClouth jersey

2) Mike Napoli is also a free agent now, and didn't really set himself to make any money in the off-season

1) Just as everyone predicted, the Orioles and A's are in the American League Final Four

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