Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top 10 Orioles - Yankees Game 2 Takeaways

Everybody Wei-Yin Chen Tonight
10) Wei-Yin Chin out-gummed Andy Pettite, which seems pretty impossible

9) Ichiro has done those freaky stretching exercises for his entire career, just to score the game's first run

8) Yankee Fan is certain that Derek Jeter let the ball go past him just to show how heady A-Rod is to deke the runner into staying on third base

7) Jim Johnson proved an awful lot of cliches about closers having no memory

6) Nick Swisher is more useless in scoring position than that guy in the bar flashing old condoms in his wallet

5) Baltimore Fan somehow got louder than Craig Sager's suit, which seems fairly impossible in an outdoor arena

4) America is a better place when A-Rod strikes out to end a playoff game

3) Since the game was decided by one run, Baltimore was able to win it

2) Chris Davis had more hits off Pettite tonight than he's had in his entire career, and if you've watched Davis' career, this really isn't that surprising

1) Tonight, we got to see 7 hours of high-definition New York sports teams losing, which is to say, we got to see 7 good hours of sports

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