Friday, October 5, 2012

Top 10 reasons why MLB immediatly denied the Braves' protest

The Slate Is Now Clean, Cardinals Fans
 In case you somehow missed this, the Cardinals survived their wild-card playoff against the Braves after taking advantage of a blown infield fly rule call. Atlanta then played the rest of the game under (loud, littering) protest, which was denied almost immediately by MLB. Why did they act so quickly? As always, FTT has the Inside Story...

10) Secretly really tired of the Chipper Jones Retirement Tour

9) In a geological perspective, you can call the Infield Fly Rule anywhere

8) Joe Torre really doesn't like to stay up late anymore

7) Like everyone else outside of Atlanta, likes punishing Brave Fan for that damned Tomahawk Chop nonsense

6) This way, no one will remember this game for Jones going out with a whimper, or how terrible Andrelton Simmons was

5) It's been just long enough since Donn Dennkinger that we really need a new infamous umpire, and that is... Sam Holbrook

4) After watching Braves Fan treat the field like a bus station public restroom for a half hour, somehow MLB wasn't too interested in doing them a solid

3) Kris Medlen wasn't utterly dominant, so Atlanta really didn't deserve to win

2) It's not as if protesting the game in baseball ever really works

1) Considering that the Braves have been one-and-done for their last seven (!) straight playoff appearances, it just seems to right to bounce their asses as early as possible

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