Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Rex Ryan is sticking with Mark Sanchez

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10) Ryan is an agnostic who rejects ESPN and all of His works

9) Once he plays this card and loses, the Jets will no longer be interesting to even the tabloids

8) Wants to keep Designated Sidehow Tim Tebow fresh for those crucial fake punts

7) Hasn't done quite enough to bury the man's chances at every having a career outside of New York yet

6) Still remembers with fondness those two AFC Championship losses, and knows in his heart that Sanchez can lose big games for him again one day

5) Can't understand how a USC quarterback could fail in the NFL, given the spotless records of Mssrs. Leinart, Cassel, Booty, Salisbury and Marinovich

4) Thinks that if he changes the quarterback, this means he'll actually have to pay attention to the offense

3) Hates fantasy football so much that he wants to make sure his offense has no ownable players

2) Refuses to give his team's players anything that might constitute a distraction in the media

1) Has, after many months of therapy, completely forgotten the way Tebow did him when he was in Denver, so the only thing he can judge is some pudgy kid who can't actually throw a football

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