Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the firing of Juan Castillo

Hopefully, he's put cash in the bank
Today, the Eagles ended the 22-game failed experiment of turning an offensive line coach into a defensive coordinator. As always, FTT has What You Need To Know...

10) This is the first time that Coach For Life Andy Reid has fired a coach in midseason in his 14-year career, which means that Castillo, who worked here for 18 years,  is clearly so bad as to merit special treatment... and a contract renewal, um, six months ago

9) Shockingly, Reid took full responsibility in the same numbly matter-of-fact way that he's taken responsibility for everything for all time, which more or less means that it's impossible for him to do that anymore

8) Some people feel that Nnamdi Asomugha can be blamed for putting the knife in Castillo's back, but that would imply that Asomugha could actually still stay close enough to someone to do that

7) It's a wee bit telling that the first reaction among Eagle Fans wasn't Ding Dong The Juan Is Dead, but to attack Reid for the move

6) If Michael Vick weren't a turnover machine, the team might be 4-2 or 5-1, so Eagle Fan really needs to thank the QB for being such a giving person

5) The final straw was when Castillo made the pass rushers wear ankle weights for the last two games

4) If you think that this move puts Reid's job at risk, and that he needs to win a Super Bowl to keep the gig for a 15th year... you probably also believe that Lucy isn't going to pull away the football

3) Reid hinted that more changes might be coming, so you can rest assured that dramatic punter releases are on the way

2) This was all a canny move by Reid to make Falcons CB Asante Samuel ineffective for the game after the bye, since he'll be too busy making that Nelson Muntz "Ha Ha" laugh to cover anyone

1) Todd Bowles gets the job now, and a honeymoon period that will rival that of the real refs

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