Thursday, October 25, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Tigers - Giants Game Two

Deep Fister Hurting
10) In case you were wondering about that team of destiny feeling, watch the Gregor Blanco bunt in the seventh a few times

9) Doug Fister took a ball off the head, kept the Giants scoreless until the seventh, had his bullpen and defense give up the inherited runner and more or less has a clear lawsuit available for non-support... which just goes to show that being a Fister working a job in San Francisco doesn't always work out

8) If the Tigers can't score against the Giants' weak starting pitchers, perhaps they will score negative runs against their good ones

7) Continuing the annual tradition of remarkable pointlessness, Fox sent actors from soon to be cancelled shows to the game to whoop at the camera as if they wanted to be there

6) It's getting increasingly obvious that Marco Scutaro is the new David Eckstein

5) To say that Bruce Bochy is out-managing Jim Leyland so far in this Series isn't very fair or accurate, because it implies that Leyland's been managing at all

4) Madison Bumgarner continued the Giants tendency of having a shaky left-handed starting pitcher be more or less dominant

3) Bryan Stow was at the game tonight, and if you don't remember who he is, that's actually OK

2) Gerald Laird showed, on multiple plays, why no parent should let their kid catch

1) Even in a 2-0 game with all of seven hits, postseason baseball takes well over three hours, and will be something you switch off a lot to see what's happening in a more or less meaningless regular season NFL game

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