Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from the Tigers taking a 3-0 ALCS lead over the Yankees

Mistake, Erased
10) Once again, the poor Yankee franchise faces elimination from the grave error of failing to buy all of the best players

9) Since Edwin Nunez was the only guy to score or drive in a run in tonight's loss, Yankee Fan can't even blame this on the lack of Derek Jeter

8) Justin Verlander came out after 132 pitches, but at least he, you know, came out, so that's something, I guess

7) Raul Ibanez's failure to come through in the ninth inning means that his True Yankee Status is officially on notice

6) Delmon Young is now the all-time career leader in Tiger home runs, which probably isn't doing much for Ty Cobb in Hell

5) Saving CC Sabathia for Game Four was the right move, in that it gives the Yankees their best chance to achieve their full potential for this series -- avoiding a sweep

4) Miguel Cabrera now has a 16-game hitting streak in LCS play, which means that he's nearly as good as Delmon Young

3) Phil Hughes got hurt in this game, which would matter if the Yankees' season had more than two games left

2) Not to have sympathy for the 1%, but once the Yankees are eliminated, the MLB playoffs will be completely devoid of interest for anyone but the fans of the remaining teams

1) The final takeaway was lost by the writer in a fit of shaudenfraudey giggling, as he went away from the computer to buy mayonnaise for his second favorite holiday of the year... Yankee Elimination Day

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