Sunday, October 14, 2012

Top 10 takeaways from Tigers - Yankees Game One

Seriously, Tiger Fan, Get On This
10) It's somewhat telling that many of the Yankee fans in my social media feeds posted after the Raul Ibanez tying home run in the ninth, but not after the final outcome

9) If the Yankees' infield defense improves now that Derek Jeter is out for the year, it's all a testament to his leadership

8) Somehow, it just seems really wrong that Drew Smyly can get a win in the Bronx in a playoff game

7) If you hear Yankee Fan start moaning about the injuries to Jeter and Mariano Rivera, please feel free to note that after the first 80 years of being a baseball player, injuries are something to be expected

6) Tiger Fan really doesn't want to see Jose Valverde work again in 2012, and I really can't fault them on that

5) When Delmon Young is the agent of your doom, rather than Miguel Cabrera or Prince Fielder, it's really not a good sign for the pitching staff

4) It's not exactly a sign of confidence that Hideki Kuroda is going to start on three days' rest for the first time in his career on Sunday

4) Doug Fister got out of three bases-loaded jams in the first six innings, which really hurts his rank in WHIP and playoff stats only fantasy leagues

3) At this point in his career, it's complete OK to intentionally walk multiple hitters to get to A-Rod, but only if you are very sure that he won't be lifted for a pinch-hitter

2) This is the second time in a week that Andy Pettite got out-gummed by a guy with nearly as much nothing as he has

1) For the second straight night, thousands of Yankee Fans showed up dressed like empty seats, which is what happens when the seats are stupid expensive and playoff games that don't include the World Series are annual non-events

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