Sunday, November 18, 2012

Eagles - Redskins Takeaways

Like You Wanted Another Reid Pic
> Given the severity of Michael Vick's concussion, I really am hopeful that he just retires, rather than go to some other hopeless franchise

> Coach For Way Too Much Of The Rest Of Your Life Andy Reid came out with, shockingly, a pass that wasn't well-blocked for rookie QB Nick Foles

> If your reaction to TE Brent Celek's drop that let to an INT and immediate red zone possession for the Redskins was anything but laughter, you really haven't watched the 2012 Eagles that much

> The nice thing about the first Redskins touchdown was that it showed that the Eagle linebackers cover even worse than the corners

> RB Bryce Brown ran 40 yards to get none, which is par for the course with this line

> Foles converted a third down by staring down FB Stanley Havili for a three count before throwing to him, which still didn't inspire the Redskins enough into defending him

> WR Riley Cooper got more RAC on a flanker screen than Jason Avant has gotten in his entire career

> How this OL blocks so little while holding so much is something of a mystery

> Howard Mudd is signing unemployed guys off the street and starting them on the road with a rookie QB, but remember, folks, this is a great organization and Eagle Fan is just mean mean mean for not being happy campers

> Foles' 2nd INT of the day wasn't so bad, in that it was only marginally worse for field position than the usual pathetic punt from Mat McBriar

> If you started Foles in your fantasy league, you probably also drafted Vick, so, well, you deserve this

> DE Brandon Graham aimed for the RB rather than the QB on a scramble, despite the RB not having the ball, because the former wasn't going to make him look as bad when he missed

 > It's somewhat telling, really, just how often Eagle offensive players put the ball on the ground when you hit them with any amount of force

> It's nice that so many Eagles have chosen to make Movember with Rastafarian facial growth

> If you had 23 seconds left in the first quarter for first wasted offensive timeout, you really must have thought well of Foles

> Shockingly, the Redskin defense seems to be adjusting to the All Screen Pass Offense

> It was, um, nice I guess, to see Foles adapt to the game by throwing the ball away early to avoid the third INT and preserve the figgie

> Griffin made rookie LB Mychal Kendricks look like a 20-year veteran on a third-down scramble for a first down

> The Griffin TD to WR Audrick Robinson gave us our first Burned and Wildly Perplexed Nnamdi Asomugha moment of the day, which just never gets old, really

> TE Clay Harbor tripped over the 35 yard line, rather than catch a wide open pass

> Clearly, Foles has studied at the Vick School Of Pocket Awareness

> How you hold on a play when the QB is sacked on a clear and untouched blitzer is, once again, special

> We finally saw a big hit on a punt returner, which was mitigated a bit by the fact that it was delivered by a Redskin on a Redskin

> Asomugha actually made a play on a third down, so the team is really starting to see value out of that contract

> If you are ready to toss Celek off the short list of guys who might be on this team in a year, I'm increasingly OK with that

> Reid was goaded into taking  a timeout by Redskins HC Mike Shanahan faking a fourth down play at midfield

> McCoy's fumble on a just get off the field play with 30 seconds left in the first half was also kind of special... but if you really are just trying to end the half, why not just take a knee?

> Griffin nearly gave back the points with an absurd cross-field throw for a 1-yard loss

> It really won't matter in the long run that the field goal defense couldn't get the right number of players on the field, but that's one more indication that there isn't a single coach on the Eagles staff that's actually doing a good job right now

> Looking back on things, Donovan McNabb really deserves more credit for being the only QB in the Reid Era who wasn't a turnover machine

> We learned in this game that Reid doesn't talk to the media when his team trails at the half, which means that he no longer talks to the media at the half\

> I'd like to thank the Eagle defense for not celebrating a couple of decent plays when down by two touchdowns

> DE Jason Babin got his fourth sack of the year, which I say just to remind you that Babin is still on the team

> On the short list of good plays, list Foles to Celek to convert the first down on the first drive of the third quarter

> At some point, you have to really wonder why the coaches can't get the play in early enough to avoid snapping the ball with no time on the clock every play

> Foles' lack of pocket awareness on the strip that McCoy recovered was, well, troubling

> K Alex Henery's string of made figgies isn't exactly something that, well, anyone but Henery cares about

> Redskins RB Alfred Morris seems to have a problem remembering when the ball will be snapped

> Asomugha ran into his own man to whiff on a third down scramble that might have, well, mattered

> DeMeco Ryans crushed a screen and celebrated as if he were on a good team

> This just in: Washington isn't very good, or well-coached, either

> If you want to score a killshot touchdown against the Eagles, just throw it up deep and watch the secondary (in this case, S Kurt Coleman and nickle CB Brandon Boykin) do their clown college routine

> It's nice to see that even the carnies and longshoremen that the Eagles are playing on the OL have been coached up enough to pule to the refs when beaten for sacks

> LB Darryl Tapp took a 15-yard flag on Griffin, which I tell you just to remind you that Tapp is still on the roster

> The last play of the third quarter saw Hurt Feelings from the Eagles defense, which I tell you to remind you that the Eagles still have a defense

> The defense actually came up and made a play on fourth and inches to prevent the onset of Utter Garbage Time, as opposed to Just Garbage Time

> WR Jeremy Maclin took the first three quarters off, then dropped a ball in traffic while getting hurt to further cement his reputation as the most overrated WR in the NFL

> The subsequent three and out after the defense made a stand should just about take the last Eagles Fan off the Foles Bandwagon

> The Eagle defense showed that they are very good at tackling players who do not have the football

> Coleman's effort and form to tackle TE Logan Paulsen on the Redskins' fourth touchdown was, if we did not need it, one more reason why he should not be in the NFL

> The Eagle STs nearly gave up another touchdown on the most lackadaisical moment of coverage you've ever seen

> Foles threw a backwards pass while showing the pocket awareness of a dead man

> Washington scored 31 points today despite not being able to snap the ball consistently

> I get that the OL is a tire fire, but if six points against a terrible defense is the best that Foles can do, he's not even a back-up at this level

> Just to reward the 42 of us who watched until the end, McCoy got seriously hurt, and if you want to wonder why McCoy was in a game down 25 with 1:45 left, well, that's just the genius of Coach For Way Too Much Of The Rest Of Your Life Reid

> Harbor's merciful drop prevented Foles from throwing the ball 50 times

> If this team wins another game this year, I'll be amazed

> Seriously, 4 points is all that separates this team from being justifiably winless

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