Monday, November 5, 2012

Eagles - Saints Takeaways

Just work harder. That will do it.
> The pre-game strokefest of how good the Eagles feel this week, and why everything's going to be just fine, and how Eagle Fan is just unfair for not being thrilled with a team that's a below .500 pretender, never gets even the least bit tiresome

> Shockingly, the deep ball first play to WR DeSean Jackson didn't catch the Saints by surprise

> For an offense that gets criticized for "playing too fast", they sure do burn a ton of clock on every play

> The Saints defense is so bad, a 5 yard run features defensive players applauding

> I'm kind of shocked that Coach For Life Andy Reid didn't challenge on the (first) obvious TE Brent Celek drop

> If you had 12:09 in the first quarter for first wasted timeout on offense this week, you must have gambled that the team would win the coin toss and not go three and out -- so in other words, you really were playing a long shot

> I don't think I've ever seen an offense call a timeout and still snap the next play in a panic with one second left, but that's just how special this Eagles offense is

> ESPN was very offended by a catch that, by the rules, was a catch

> If I were a Saints fan, I'd be offended by that roughing call, too

> Only Reid calls for a bootleg after his fumble-prone QB gets concussed, watches him get sacked again, then calls a long developing pass one more time

> That's the first 14-play drive with a punt this year, and I'm so glad we got to see it

> DE Trent Cole's run stuff on the first play was nice, in that it reminded us that Cole is still on the team

> As soon as QB Drew Brees made Cole miss, we pretty much knew that the big third down was getting converted

> The 99-yard TAInt with a 15-yard flag added to it just might be the stupidest play in the league this year, but take heart, Eagle Fan... the season isn't even half over

> The Eagles ran for over 100 yards in the first quarter without scoring a point, which is honestly hard to do

> McCoy's big fourth down run was punctuated by a desperate gasp for the end zone, since Shady knew that first and goal from the five could only end in a field goal attempt at absolute best

> Asomugha's whiff on Saints RB Mark Ingram made me wish we still had Asante Samuel, for the tackling

> The Chris Ivory touchdown was about as effortless as you can see at this level, and shows that the back ups are somehow even worse than the starters

> The Riley Cooper penalty shows that Hines Ward, and players like him, can no longer play in the NFL

> When the Eagles defense misses a tackle, they just stay on the ground, because it shows how heartbroken they are about it

> If someone wants to find Asomugha's birth certificate and prove that he's actually 55 years old, that would answer a lot of mystery

> In case you were still wondering if Cole is worth a damn, um, nope, he's not

> The defense made a big mistake by not letting the Saints score sooner at the end of the first half, so the offense could have more time to pile up useless yards and time of possession numbers

> The really sad thing is that the Eagles got blown out in the first half when Brees wasn't even all that sharp

> If Asomugha isn't the prototype player of this era of Eagles football, I'm really not sure who is

> Brandon Graham's first big play of his career saved us, for a little while, from Garbage Time

> The 77-yard TD to DeSean Jackson reminded America that, well, the Saints defense isn't very good at all

> That's kind of the first kickoff coverage play I remember in years, too

> Every time the Eagles went to a no back set tonight, it was pretty much begging for a sack

> In their first three trips to the end zone, the Eagles were down 7-6

> It was nice of the Eagles to give ESPN another half hour of ratings

> The throwback kickoff return for a score that got called back is also a really obvious metaphor moment for the season

> If you need a WR to mouth off after making his first play of the night when down 15 to end the third quarter, Jeremy Maclin is your man

> Whether this defense was once good and just gave up, or whether they were just a fluke that's been exposed, is really the only serious question to ask about now

> Since Babin actually got to Brees and almost forced a turnover, and now leads this punchless bunch of pukes with 3.5 sacks for the year, I guess we can't chant vile things at him any more

> Anyone who thinks the Eagles can run a no-huddle offense hasn't been paying attention for, well, ever

> It's a little off-putting how, after Vick runs out of bounds for a first down, the clock keeps running

> Demetress Bell couldn't have played any worse tonight than if he put on a Saints jersey

> If you've ever seen a worse red zone offense than this Eagles team... well, you've probably watched other Eagles teams

> Celek's fumble to end "suspense" was nice, in that we can now stop telling the story of how he's having a good year

> It's sweet that every Eagles game ends with Vick taking a few more hits when there's no chance of coming back

> Five tips inside the red zone to get outscored 7-6 is something that might never have happened before in football, on any level

> I swear that I am not making this up: the Eagles lost by 15 in a game where they held the ball for 33 minutes, were even in turnovers, and outgained the opponent by 76 yards

> If anyone in Philadelphia still wants to watch this coach and this team, they must be fans of other NFL teams

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