Sunday, November 11, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 10 Takeaways

Note the stands behind them
10) Ravens telecast crews are so locked into the worship of Ray Lewis, you get to see him even while he's not in uniform

9) The Giants' annual November swoon started early this year, with Eli Manning not throwing a touchdown pass in weeks

8) If you are an NFL QB and want to be stroked by the media, make sure to throw the ball to a wide number of receivers

7) If you need a team to blow the snap on a fourth down play in a game when they are getting completely clowned, the Raiders are the answers to your prayers

6) It's required by federal law to describe pre-snap adjustments as a chess match, rather than Connect Four, Othello or Go Fish

5) Jake Locker went 9 of 21 in a home game and was far and away the best of four quarterbacks to work in the Dolphins-Titans game

4) With the Saints win over the Falcons, the '72 Dolphins and ESPN get to stroke each other in their annual tradition of insufferable wankery

3) Now that many teams are staring down the barrel of low chances for the playoffs, it's entirely OK to get crazy aggressive on fourth down play calls

2) New England won a home game where they gave up just under 500 yards in offense, mostly because the NFL is now a league where the only plays that matter are touchdowns and turnovers

1) Thanks to the staggered starts, byes, and Thursday night game, America spent 30 minutes watching Seahawks-Jets, and 4 hours watching Jags-Colts

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