Sunday, November 25, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 12 Ad Questions

Kris Likes The Tingle
10) Is there anything unseemly about how tightly Santa is gripping that Norelco razor betwixt his nethers?

9) If you were trying to show how your tablet computer was cutting edge, would you demo it with a tired animated movie franchise involving extinct animals?

8) Do Jaguar owners usually park their cars inside snowdrifts?

7) If your medication has the side effect of an elephant following you, isn't it, well, LSD?

6) How much can Cam Newton's sophomore slump be blamed on his need to provide content for his new Windows phone?

5) How disappointed will the Visa contest winners be when they meet John Madden and discover that he really doesn't give a damn about video games, other than the size of the endorsement check?

4) Did LeBron James teach his children to laugh like junior versions of the Penguin from the '60s Batman show?

3) How perverted is AT&T to try to make Grandma fast?

2) Are the daughters of Honda owners required to be wildly obnoxious? (Whistles, looks around, whistles some more)

1) If you actually remember individual Whoppers from Burger King, how do you keep from putting your head in the oven from the profound sadness that is your life?

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