Sunday, November 25, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 12 Takeaways

Batch pics come in black & white
10) Denver coach John Fox started Knowshon Moreno, who had been inactive for much of 2012, because he likes to reward lifelong slugs with starts against 1-10 teams

9) The way this Carson Palmer trade has worked out is basically porn for Bengal Fan

8) Shockingly, knowing the offense really well doesn't seem to help very much when you have the talent and age issues of Charlie Batch, or fumble-tastic teammates

7) Fox broke away from Bears-Vikings in the national feed when they remembered that the Vikings start Christian Ponder at QB, then thought about switching back when they remembered that the Bears offense is almost as comical

6) Miami's sprinkler system went on in the middle of the third quarter on a sunny day, ending Twitter in a fit of wildly original Buffalo Wild Wings jokes

5) How the Chiefs franchise ever got to a point where the quarterbacks were Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn, which is to say two guys that shouldn't even start in the CFL, is basically the work of performance artists

4) Cleveland got an incredible break on what should have been a late fumble against RB Trent Richardson, which is the first lucky thing to happen for Cleveland Sports in the past five years

3) Showing no shame, the NFL not only scheduled and allowed Jags-Titans and Cards-Rams to play, but called them divisional rivalries

2) Mike Smith chose a long field goal attempt from a shaky kicker, rather than take an easy punt that would have iced the game, because he was betting the over

1) The Chargers lost in OT after giving up a 4th and forever, which really upset their six remaining fans who can still feel pain at this point in the Norv Turner Era

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