Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Eagles cut Jason Babin

Man Has Places To Go
10) After watching Vinny Curry whiff on a sack in the MNF game, realized that a younger and faster player might eventually learn how not to do that

9) Believe it or not, the Wide Nine hasn't really worked out that well for the Eagles

8) Old, ineffective and expensive isn't the best combination of on 3-8 team

7) Really want to see him finish the year on a contender and actually trying

6) No longer have a need for a guy to run past the ball carrier on his way to a magical spot, ten yards upfield and away from the crowds, where he can be alone with his thought

5) Want to spread out the perp walks over the next two months, so the fan base can savor each one

4) Did not want to see him lead the team in sacks when he's, well, horrible

3) Can't have any behavior problems in the locker room for this all-important stretch drive

2) Like most of the fan base, had mostly forgotten that he was still on the roster, so this is more of a "forgot to do earlier", rather than a "have to do now" move

1) Didn't want to be on the hook for (a) the rest of his contract or (b) the inevitable post-career psychiatrist bills from helping him get over the mean, awful, ill-tempered, vile and true things that Eagle Fan said to him

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