Sunday, November 25, 2012

Top 10 reasons why Fireman Ed quit the Jets

How Will They Live Without Him
10) Does not feel that he'd have the support fellow Jets fans in his new persona as Fireman Josephine

9) Tired of not just the pain and suffering from watching Mark Sanchez, but also wearing his jersey

8) Decided to do something more fun with his time than watching Jets football, so he's going into noodling for catfish while covered in leeches

7) Just can't stand the constant hot, hot loving that being the biggest Jets fan brings you

6) Someone finally told him that most of his fame was ironic

5) Got a better offer from the New Jersey Generals

4) Like many things involving the NY Jets, got cut back following the Mitt Romney defeat

3) For the first time ever at a game, someone was mean to him

2) Realized that with the Jets' defeat on Thursday fading and the Giants playing on Sunday night, the team needed him, one last time, to get them on the tabloid backsheets somehow

1) Finally realized that leading chants that prove that everyone in the crowd can spell a little is, well, kind of incredibly stupid and pointless

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