Sunday, November 11, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Lakers fired Mike Brown

No more pain, Mikey, no more pain
10) On further review, Brown was not beautiful

9) Now that they have Dwight Howard, Phil Jackson is actually entertained by the idea of coaching them, at least part of the time

8) Brown was totally unsuccessful in getting Howard to hit his free throws, or Steve Nash to not be old, injured and defense-challenged

7) Losing games in November actually matters, at least while the Clippers are good

6) Are very concerned about making the playoffs, since that's something they never manage to do

5) Were secretly peeved by all of those preseason losses, in that it reminded everyone that the NBA has a preseason

4) Kobe Bryant's Death Stare can not be ignored

3) Jack Nicholson never really enjoyed working with him

2) Somehow, a coach who likes to leave his offense up to a halfcourt isolation game did not work in a market weaned on Magic Freaking Johnson

1) Suddenly realized that they were being coached by Mike Brown

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